Experience the Wild Horses

Cody, Wyoming is a gateway town to Yellowstone National Park.  Cody is one of the most “horsey” towns in the Yellowstone Country region and besides offering a plethora of horse associated activities, there is also the opportunity to see wild horses just a few miles from town. Recently, U.S. Highway 14, 16, 20 was named the “Wild Horse Highway” in 2019 as it is the main route to view the Mccullough Peak Wild Horses.

Rare is the only way to describe the journey East of Cody on Highway 14, 16 and 20 towards Greybull, Wyoming.  It’s rare because for approximately 23 miles there are no homes, no development, it is land that is raw and largely untamed.  It is only touched by local ranchers who graze their cattle on the vast distances of rugged terrain that is sparce in water and tight on grass.  Hundreds of antelope can be seen in this area as well as a legendary herd of wild horses.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild Horses – Speculators say these are horses turned loose from the Wild West Show

Located in the McCullough Peaks area wild mustangs  roam the treeless hills and live out their days in extremities of heat in the summer and bitter cold and winds in the winter.  It’s amazing to see how healthy the horses are given this environment.  To reach the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse range from Cody, take U.S. Highway 14/16/20 east toward Greybull for about 5 miles. Turn north (left) onto the McCullough Peaks Road #1212. This well-graded road is marked by an information sign.  You will reach the southern border of the McCullough Peaks about 8 miles up Road 1212. Road 1212 follows the southern WSA boundary for about 2 miles before it turns south and travels another 11 miles back to U.S. Highway 14/16/20. For more information contact FOAL, Friends of a Legacy:  https://friendsofalegacy.org/

Pryor Mountain Mustangs

The Pryor Mountain herd, is well known throughout the world.  The documentaries and books featuring these horses is breathtaking and they live in a remote mountain range that has been left untouched by humans for centuries.

The experts on the Pryor Mountain Mustangs is the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, located in Lovell Wyoming.  Here’s what they say about the Mustangs:

The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses are unique.  Here’s why they are helping protect these horses in the Pryor Mountain Range outside of Cody, Wyoming:

Cortez once said “…Next to God, we owed the victory to the horses…” in discussing his conquest of the New World. The Pryor Mountain Wild Horses are the descendents of these important horses. They are truly horses with a heritage.

Early on, locals realized that there was something special about the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses due to their interesting characteristics. It wasn’t long until it was realized that the wild horses looked like Spanish horses. Since then, the herd has been extensively studied; and it has been confirmed that they are descended from Spanish horses. There are three main reasons this confirmation is based on: History, genetics, and phenotype.

To learn more about the Center and plan your visit to see the Pryor Mountain Mustangs, visit their informative website.