Yellowstone Horse Publication

We are excited to bring you a website and print newspaper covering horse related stories, information and resources for:

  • Horse owners living in the communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park.
  • Travelers wishing to enjoy horseback riding, back country trail rides, guided horse hunting trips and choosing to rely on talented horse outfitters and businesses in the greater Yellowstone country.
  • Horse owners traveling with their horses and choosing to enjoy the communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park as well the park itself.
  • Folks visiting Yellowstone National Park who wish to enjoy rodeos and other horse events in the communities around the park.

Our premier issue comes out April 2020. We will produce six issues a year and a Book of Business Cards with horse resources, both in print and online.

Yellowstone Horse will be distributed throughout all the communities surrounding Yellowstone National Park for the pleasure of horse enthusiasts and to those wishing to enjoy the majesty of a horse while visiting Yellowstone National Park Country.

Yellowstone Horse is published by Elliot Rivers Co.